Walter Beasley

Download Instructions

Our downloads are handled through Payloadz - which is an affilliate of

When you click the "buy now" button to purchase a download from our site, you are sent to Paypal first, to securely process your payment, and then you are redirected, along with your order information to Payloadz to start the download.

Sometimes, however, there is a delay in the transfer of information between Paypal and Payloadz, and the download cannot begin immediately. In these cases, check your email for the link sent from Paypal.

When you are either redirected, or you click on the link from your email, you will arrive at a page to begin your download. You have 5 total downloads for each purchase. To begin your download, right click (PC) or ctrl click (mac) to begin your download and specify "save target as" or "save to disc". The .zip archive of the video will then begin to download.

Once it has finished, you ned to extract the files from the archive. Again right click or ctrl click the .zip archive to extract the files. This may take a little while, so please be patient. Once the files are extracted, you can begin to play the audio or video files within it. For video, you will need to have installed. This is a free install, and you should be prompted to install it when you open the video. The mp3s will play in any mp3 player, but we encourage you to try (also a free download for mac an PC). Pdf files may require Adobe Acrobat reader. Again, this is a free download.

updated: 12 years ago